Enjoy Cleaner and Brighter Teeth With This 360° Ultrasonic Toothbrush

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  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE – SuperBrush 360 is not bothering at all, just put toothpaste on it and put it in your mouth. That’s all you have to do to get cleaner teeth.
  • BRUSHING MADE FUN – Brushing feels more like a treat than a chore. Our electric toothbrush is specially designed to fit comfortably and gently brush for gum and oral health. The perfect combination.
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING – SuperBrush 360 Advanced Technology removes impurities from your mouth in just 30 seconds using thousands of vibrations per minute.
  • COLD LIGHT TEETH WHITENING – Even severely discolored teeth can become brighter and whiter in less than two months using SuperBrush 360 just for one minute per day.
  • TIME SAVER – Get cleaner teeth in just half minute or one. Time may vary for each one of you but still SuperBrush 360 will not get much time than the manual toothbrush.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE AND STYLISH – It takes one hour to fully charge and can bolster 30 days of utilization. The compact structure was advantageous to use at home or while voyaging.
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What is it?

Having clean teeth and fresh breath is a top concern for just about everyone. Have you ever wondered why a big percentage of people, have tooth decay? The answer is simple. The answer is that they are using the wrong toothbrush. Usually ordinary brushes hurt our gums as they are hard but here is the most easy and comfortable alternative for you. We present you the first automatic and ultrasonic teeth cleaning kit.
Essentially expressed, the battery-powered SuperBrush 360 teeth kit cleans your teeth more effectively than customary manual toothbrushes. Also, on the grounds that it gives the brushing activity to you, numerous individuals discover utilizing SuperBrush 360 teeth kit simpler than utilizing ordinary manual ones. 

What Makes SuperBrush 360 So Special?

This is a U-Shaped Silicone Toothbrush with Light Therapy. It cleans both upper and lower teeth at the same time with an easy vibrating motion. SuperBrush 360 works by putting forth oral cleanliness straightforward with least attempt and most extreme proficiency and deftness during your day by day teeth cleaning. What makes SuperBrush 360 so productive is the ultrasonic technology. SuperBrush 360 produces 5000 vibrations per minute conveying the toothpaste between the teeth and along the gum line, bringing about a profound cleaning without being excessively harsh on teeth. There is a SuperBrush 360 brightening mode that lasts 5 minutes for brighter and whiter teeth.

Instead of brushing for 3 minutes or more, SuperBrush 360 U shaped electric toothbrush covers more tooth surfaces to fully clean your teeth and gums in as little as 30 seconds. Want to sleep later in the morning then get ready faster? It’s possible with SuperBrush 360. Υou can forget expensive teeth whitening services and products. This toothbrush uses blue light for teeth whitening. The light turns on while you brush to give you whitening while it cleans your teeth effectively. The built in rechargeable battery is enough for up to one month of usage on a single charge and this kit comes with a luxury and stylish case box.

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Conclusion: Should I Get SuperBrush 360?

FOR SURE, GO FOR IT. As it has all the qualities to make your teeth whiter with minor efford, it gives you the confident to show your bright smile. On the off chance that you take great consideration of the SuperBrush 360 it will, thusly, take care of your teeth. SuperBrush 360 sets aside your time. At that point there is an assortment of settings: gum well-being, kick the basin includes an additional moment for brushing gums with low force; Deep Clean and whatnot. Basically, it is a generally excellent electric brush, charges rapidly, and it is easy to carry with you anywhere. It has all the features you expect in a cutting-edge U shaped electric toothbrush. Plus popular sonic blue light teeth whitening.

These Customers Love SuperBrush 360, and You Will Too!

“Amazing Clean & Wonderful Value!”

I normally use it after I brushed my teeth. The sonic vibration deeply massages my gum and it feels so good! I believe this toothbrush is a good addition to my at-home dental care routine and its soft bristles and gentle vibration can help me prevent receding gum line. I highly recommend using this product to enhance mouth cleaning!

“Great Product, Makes Teeth Feel So Clean!”

I use this for my teeth brushing and whitening, and I have to say, it works great! It’s very convenient, the vibration is quite relaxing, and it definitely cleans! I don’t feel the need to brush my teeth again manually when I use this, because it already does the job. I also bought the special toothpaste for this, and it seems to be brightening up my teeth effectively.

“Our Teeth Feel Very Clean After Each Use!”

Liked the product a lot. After using it for 3 months, went to my dentist for a teeth cleaning and he said I didn’t need it… No signs of plaques! He asked me what I was doing differently and I told him about the teeth whitening brush. He said, “Well, keep doing it and I’ll be seeing less and less of you here!”

Effectively Brush Your Teeth in Less Than 30 Seconds Without Any Effort With SuperBrush 360

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